Courses about natural medicine

By | September 16, 2018

Course Outline


Lesson 1 – The Nature of Health and Healing
Students will learn the principles of health, illness and healing. Students will begin to understand that true health means wholeness of the mind, body and spirit. Students will begin a self-evaluation of current lifestyle behaviors.

Lesson 2 – Basic Naturapathy
Students will be able to describe the basic principles of Naturapathy. They will discover that the primary philosophy of Naturapathy is to help the body to heal itself.


Lesson 3 – The Powers of the Mind
Students will explore belief and the placebo effect. Students will begin to understand the powers that the mind has in healing the body.

Lesson 4 – Basic Nutrition
Students will learn basic nutritional requirements needed to promote a healthy diet. Students will develop menus to reflect improved diet plans and lifestyle changes.


Lesson 5 – Understanding Herbs
Students will be able to identify the most popular herbs, learn how to identify the signatures of herbs, and learn how to prepare herbal mixtures.

Lesson 6 – Aromatherapy 101
This lesson not only teaches the aesthetic pleasures of aromatherapy, but will also explain blending oils medicinal qualities and pharmaceutical uses.


Lesson 7 – Body Therapies
Students will be able to describe, and make use of various body therapies designed to help the body regain balance and maintain well being. Therapies covered include massage, osteopathy, chiropractic, and Tâi Chi.

Lesson 8 – Natural Healing Energies
Students will learn about natural energy fields. Students will learn how natural energy can be manipulated to include using magnets and therapeutic touch. They will learn to assess and rebalance the human energy field.


Lesson 9 – Your Health and your Environment
Students will be able to identify pollutants in their everyday lives. This lesson offers ways to discover which toxic substances are present in the student’s environment. Students will gain an understanding of the relationship between their immune system and the health of their environment.

Lesson 10 – Natural First Aid
Students will learn to use natural remedies for common emergencies, illnesses and injuries. Students will be able to explain various natural remedies used in emergency situations.


Lesson 11 – Color, Light, and Sound Therapy
Students will understand the effect light, color and music can have on mood and behavior. Students will learn natural methods of healing and relaxing by using practical applications of these therapies. Students will be able to use the energies inherent in light, color and sound to improve their overall well being.

Lesson 12 – Using your Mind, Body and Spirit to Heal
Students will have an understanding that physical, emotional and spiritual factors make up their whole being. They will begin to understand that the way they handle these three sectors can determine stress levels and healing rates.

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