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Courses about natural medicine

Course Outline WEEK ONE Lesson 1 – The Nature of Health and Healing Students will learn the principles of health, illness and healing. Students will begin to understand that true health means wholeness of the mind, body and spirit. Students will begin a self-evaluation of current lifestyle behaviors. Lesson 2 – Basic Naturapathy Students will… Read More »

Joint Pain Causes

Millions of people are affected by joint pain. For a number of these people, pain can be debilitating. Joint pain can result from many types of injuries or conditions. Injuries can happen to any of the ligaments, bags, or tendons around joints. The cartilage and bone in the joint are also affected by injuries. Inflammation… Read More »

Seven Techniques For Overcoming Migraine Headaches

Migraines have become very common in our fast-paced world of high stress. With the hectic pace of our lives and the fear that too often associated with modern lifestyles, including wars, terrorism, economy, family and work, and poor quality of processed foods and more surprisingly more and more people are suffering from mild and severe… Read More »

Introduction to Natural Health and Healing

Introduction to Natural Health and Healing Everywhere you go, it seems that you see or hear something about alternative medicine. The information can be overwhelming and it can become difficult to know what is fact. Many people want to gain more control over their health through natural approaches. However, they are unsure where to begin.… Read More »